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  • Newmerella, A Turning Point in Towing Safety

    Read all about the Caravan Weighing Operation conducted by Victoria Police and VicRoads back in January 2017.
  • BOS Stabiliser Legs Review

    Recently we fitted a set of BOS Stabiliser legs to our Safari Tamer. Read why we reckon every van should have these fitted as standard.
  • How to Avoid a Rollover

    It is essential that you know what to do in the event your caravan starts swaying. Here we share our experience with this event and how we avoided a disaster.
  • 4 Generators put to the Test

    Over the years we've purchased and used a few generators. I was lucky to have 4 together at the same time so I decided to test them out to see which one was the best for RV use. I was a bit surprised by the result.
  • The Truth about Towing Mirrors

    How many times do you see people towing large caravans that have not fitted towing mirrors to their vehicles? Its amazing how many drivers think they do not need to fit them. Here we explain why you do and the consequenses for not doing so.
  • Roadstar Safari Tamer Off Road Caravan

    After deciding we needed a bigger van to accomodate our extended travel needs, we decided on a Roadstar Safari Tamer. Read why we chose it and what makes it a fantastic caravan for touring the harsh Australian Outback.
  • Is the Digital SLR Camera Doomed?

    With the ever increasing capabilities of smart phone cameras as well as the emergence camera equipped drones, has the time come that you no longer need a digital SLR camera for your travels? Its an interesting thought.
  • Brake Controller Comparison

    We have been in the unique position to use both the Redarc Tow Pro and Tekonsha P3 brake controllers when towing large caravans for an extended period of time. Here we compare our experience with each of them and highlight the key differences.
  • How to Cut 150kg from your Load

    With all the talk about weights and the need to remain legal, many caravanners are finding that their rigs are overweight, some by a substantial margin. Here we show you how you can easily save 150kg from your load just by making a few simple changes.
  • DIY Provent Catch Can Install

    Modern turbo engines are great but they all have one fatal flaw; the buildup of vapourised oil and carbon in the intake manifold. A catch Can is a simple solution that anyone handy with a spanner can install themselves. See our Provent Installation set - by - step guide

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