Aerial Photography Services

Do you want to give your web site or printed material that extra visual punch over your competitors? Aerial photography is the answer.

Traditionally aerial photography was very expensive, but today it is much more affordable thanks to advances in Drone technology. We use the latest DJI Mavic Air to capture stunning images and captivating video in high definition. Its modern software allows us to capture cinematic vistas and virtual reality 360 degree images from the sky.

The Mavic Air is small and quiet so we can capture your footage discreetly and safely.

We are registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to fly commercially in the sub 2kg category in every state and territory in Australia.

With aerial footage packages starting from just $290, aerial photography has never been more affordable.

360 Degree Virtual Reality Aerial Image


360 degree virtual reality images give visitors to your website a true bird's eye view that they can pan and zoom around to see your property and the surrounding area from a height of 120 metres (400 feet).  Use your mouse or smartphone to pan and zoom around the image.

Click the box in the lower right corner to see the full screen image.

Cinamatic Aerial Video


It only takes a few good quality video sequences to make an epic mini movie thanks to the dramatic and immersive visuals of aerial footage.

The DJI Mavic Air captures these sequences easily and discretely.  The final videos can be uploaded to YouTube and replayed in stunning 1080p Hi Definition.

Simple Aerial Photos in Hi Resolution. Click on the images to enlarge