Product Comparisons

07959c69c114a52acb0e3c41774f32f8Reading reviews about a single product is one thing but being able to compare it to other similar products can really be helpful in deciding if it is the right product for you.  At times, particularly when it comes to RV accessories, one product seems to dominate regardless if it is the best of its type on the market.  Here we will be looking at direct comparisons of various products we have bought and used and determine which one was the best.  Again, we use or rating system give each product in he comparison a score out of 5 Westies.

In the future we intend to approach product manufacturers and distributors to do specific comparisons that would be helpful to the general RV community.    If anyone is particularly interested in seeing a comparison of any products, pleas let us know via the comments below or send us an email.