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Join us, Kylie and Marty, and our 3 Westies, Kassidy (dec), Savannah and Poppy, as we travel around Australia in our Roadstar Safari Tamer caravan and Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser. We'd love you to like and follow us on social media by clicking on the icons below. Come and share our caravanning experience.

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"I love your website. There's a lot of helpful information for a novice like me"

~ Rob R.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to RVeeThereYet.com…!

    1. Hello Robin. As you know we travel around in a caravan but much of the information on this site can be applied to motorhomes particularly anything to do with 12 volt electrics and our product reviews. Our Facebook group is very general in nature and we welcome any motorhome owners to join. With WiFi, we have just purchased a Telstra 4G modem with built in WiFi and, so far, it seems to be working very well. We will be doing a more in depth review shortly. Safe Travels.

  1. Hi Marty,
    We own a 2000 Voyager 2000 with 2 x 80l
    water tanks, we are considering installing
    another 80l tank for extended free camping.
    Do you think this a good idea? We are also
    considering reconfiguring our portable 12v
    water pump to access creeks and dams.

    1. Hello Allen. We have 2x95l water tanks on our safari tamer plus one 95l tank dedicated to drinking water. To be honest, while we have been able to make do with the 2 tanks for general water, I do wish we had the 3rd tank plumbed in with the other 2 so we can take advantage of it for showers and washing when required. That said, we have found ways to reduce water consumption like changing the showerhead to one with a mist function. This has worked remarkably well. We also purchased a roll-up water bladder from Road Tech Marine. This can hold up to 150l of water and sits across the back footwell of the cruiser. We use a Ryobi battery-powered transfer pump to refill the tanks. The pump can also be used to transfer water from a river or lake although we have seldom come across a camp with water I would consider using. We also carry a spare 12v water pump and the fittings to use it as a transfer pump if needs be. Hope that helps. Cheers

  2. Hi

    I have a 2012 troop carrier

    Any chance you have in stock the materials
    needed to sit all the rear windows. I’m in

    Could you send the set out before the end of
    the year?

  3. Hi guys I have been to email about the shade sales but the email address does not seem to work is there some other way to get info and quote for one.

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