RV MythBusters


The internet is a wonderful thing that has allowed the wide distribution of information to the public in a way never seen before. Unfortunately it has also permitted the proliferation of misinformation regarding many subjects. RVing is no stranger to this and anyone setting out for the first time in a Caravan or RV is faced with needing to make serious decisions about their setup and finding the truth can often be very difficult. The number of armchair experts on the forums who are hell bent on having their opinions heard and taken as the truth is mindboggling, as is some of the rubbish they spruke.

Here we identify the most common of RV Myths and try to determine if they are indeed based on any fact or are just complete rubbish.

None of the information here should be taken as definitive. We cannot be experts in everything and it is up to the individual to inform themselves of the relevant laws and legislation and satisfy themselves they have met those requirements.

I don't need towing mirrors

My insurance is void if my rig is overweight

Its illegal to carry fuel on the back of my van

Bent dual cab utes

All wood framed vans leak and rot

Authorities are targetting overloaded caravans

I need to have rated D shackles

DIY 240v cables

I don't need a weight distribution hitch

I will get booked for driving too slowly

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