RVeeThereYet website closing 12th September 2021

Hello to all our loyal followers.

We just wanted to let everyone know that our website will shut down on 12th September 2021.

We will be starting a new site www.Caravanandcampingaustralia.com.au

We want to thank all our loyal followers and sponsors for all your support over the years.

We hope to see you over at our new site once it is up and running.

Safe Travels.

Marty & Kylie

One thought on “RVeeThereYet website closing 12th September 2021

  1. Hi guys,
    Came across your site by chance…..many informative articles. Saw the item about
    caravanners being weighed at the roadside. Just for your general info, the portable scales
    used in those images are the HAENNI brand (pronounced “high-knee”). They have a needle
    analogue readout with 50kg increments, and are very accurate. They’re worth many
    thousands of dollars, and are checked regularly, because they’re used for evidentiary
    purposes. The Western Australian authorities that use them (who are employed by the WA
    State Govt Agency called Main Roads), actually give quite generous weight reduction
    allowances for anyone being prosecuted for overweight offences.

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