Camp Pop Corn

Pop Corn is a must when you go to the movies or when staying at home to watch a DVD so why miss out when you're out camping? Let's face it, many of us have TVs in our caravans and campers.  Why not imagine you're at an outdoor theatre and enjoy some home made popcorn?  Trouble is, making it out on the road can be a bit tricky especially if you don't have a microwave oven handy.  Also, if its not made right, popcorn can come out lacking texture.  This recipe is guaranteed to make perfect popcorn every time...!

Pour enough olive oil into a medium saucepan enough to have about 1cm deep pool at the bottom. Add a dollop of butter and bring to a gentle boil over a medium heat, stirring the butter into the oil. Add about ¾ of a cup of popping corn kernels to the pot and place the lid on the pot offset slightly to allow steam to escape but not the popping corn. This is essential as the build-up of steam released by the popping corn will ruin the final product if it is not allowed to escape.

As soon as the popping reduces to 1 or 2 popping kernels per second, turn off the heat and remove the lid from the saucepan and quickly transfer to a large bowl. Lightly spray the popped corn with olive oil spray, tossing the corn to get an even coverage. Add salt to taste, again tossing to ensure an even coating and serve immediately.

The trick to good popcorn is to ensure no moisture builds up once the corn has popped.

For something different, add a very light sprinkle of icing sugar as well as the salt for a sweet and salty experience.