Save up to $275 on a new drone…?

Special Offer to RVeeThereYet Readers

UAV Me, Australia's Leading Drone Specialist, have teamed up with RVeeThereYet to bring you a very special offer.

 If you send an email or facebook message to UAV Me and you include the codeword TINCAN, you can receive up to $200 off your next purchase. When you go to purchase from UAV Me, mention the code word TINCAN again and receive a further $75 off the purchase price.

That's up to $275* off the price of your new drone....!

*conditions apply.  offer not available on products already on sale.

This offer has been extended for a limited time so hurry and get your email messages to UAV Me and take advantage of this great offer.

Step 1. Send them a message with TINCAN in it to get information on what you want = up to $200

Step 2. Mention TINCAN when you place your order = $75

Its that simple.

UAV Me and RVeeThereYet

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