Helinox Ground Chair Review

Have you ever been to an outdoor event where you were required to bring your own chairs as well as food and drinks and, if its in the southern states, a couple of jumpers too?  Well, if you’re anything like us, you’ve ended up taking your trusty folding camp chairs.  You know the ones, they fold up into a long bag that you can carry over your shoulder but they still weigh around 5 to 10 kg each.  Its also awkward carrying them as well as a backpack or an esky.  Before you know it, you’re swapping shoulders to keep the blood circulating in your arms.  Then you find that the venue you go to won’t allow you to use the chairs because they are too high and you’ll block the vision of the people behind you.  Sound familiar?

Well we reckon we’ve found the answer with the Helinox Ground Chair. The smallest, lightest and most comfortable folding chair money can buy.

Now, before I go on, let’s address the elephant in the room.  The price. They cost $124 each. Yep. They are probably the most expensive folding camp chairs you’re ever likely to buy.

But before you click the BACK button and return to your search results, hear me out for a sec. These chairs are worth every cent and more. They are absolutely brilliant. A masterstroke of design, simplicity and function. When you buy them and use them for the first time, you’ll wish you’d had them years ago.203_031933_765

Now I will never suggest they are the most comfortable camp chairs I’ve ever sat in, and getting in and out of them is not the most graceful manoeuvre, but they’re not too bad and they are infinitely more comfortable than sitting on the ground.  They are pretty strong too, being capable of taking the weight of a 120kg person.

Assembling then is fairly straight forward.  The aluminium frame slots together to form the base and the chair itself fits over the vertical poles.  They take about 10-15 seconds to assemble and pack away.

We have used these chairs on several occasions and have not been disappointed. Even at all day events like A Day on the Green in Werribee Park they remained comfortable even in very warm direct sunlight, thanks to the open weave of the fabric.

Best of all is the looks you’ll get from everyone around you as you create a comfortable chair in the same way you might unfold a delicate piece of origami.  Everyone will all want to know where you got your chairs from.

OK….granted $124 is a lot to pay for a camp chair, but if you like going to your outdoor events or you desperately need to save on weight and space in your caravan or camper, these could be a very worthwhile investment.

4 Westies. 07959c69c114a52acb0e3c41774f32f807959c69c114a52acb0e3c41774f32f807959c69c114a52acb0e3c41774f32f807959c69c114a52acb0e3c41774f32f8


For the full range of Helenox folding chairs, visit the website.