Kylie’s view of Tents and Swags

Basically, if every tent came with one of these, I’d use them more often.

So you’re thinking about getting a tent or a swag.  I’ll let you know what I think of them.

I’ll preface this by admitting up front we own a swag (as well as several tents) and I am yet to be convinced to get into it. I struggle with the thought that it resembles a coffin somewhat and I find this just a little creepy.  Time will tell if Marty will convince me to get into it.  For now I prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Marty's roof top tent. Apart from the lack of space inside, that's a LONG way down that ladder...!
Marty’s roof top tent. Apart from the lack of space inside, that’s a LONG way down that ladder…!

Marty also has a roof top tent which he bought thinking we would use it for camping trips when not in the caravan.  At the time it seemed like a good idea but I have since concluded it is a bad idea for one reason…..night time number one’s…!  The thought of trying to get out of the thing and climb down the ladder, in the dark, whilst trying to hold on the contents of one’s full bladder doesn’t thrill me much at all.  I am yet to try the roof top tent.

This is Marty’s tent. Its not very stable but its tall enough to stand up in which I reccommend. Yes that’s me flaked out inside.

Onto the tents – I have been camping since I was little and I mean really little. I think my first memory is going camping with the family in Dalmeny and a massive storm hitting us.  I remember Mum completely cracking it and packing us back into the car to go home, while Dad struggled to pack said tent away. They say first impressions are everything but this experience didn’t deter me.  I spent several years camping in tents, as both a Girl Guide (in bell tents – SHUDDER) and then as a Rover (this was more a BYO job, so it was the easiest thing to put up and crawl into after one too many beverages). I’ve also snow camped – this is a BAD idea unless your tent is rated for Everest. I’ve discovered the hard way the stupid things can collapse if snow appears (unlikely but you never know here).

These days, I find I don’t enjoy tents as much as I did in my younger days and the one time we recently had to slum it in a tent, I hated ever moment of it.  That’s not to say you guys won’t enjoy them.

Things I’ve learnt;

  • Air beds are great if they stay up
  • Pee before you zip yourself into the sleeping bag
  • The sleeping bag is never going back into the bag you pulled it out of, give up and pack a spare pillowcase
  • The tent may go back into its bag if you pay close attention to how you unpack it
  • Above all, don’t leave wet tents packed away, always take them out and dry them (this is relevant to camper trailers also)
  • On longer trips, packing up and setting up tents and their associated accessories is pain in the rear end.

Tenting really isn’t my style and the older I get the more comfort I want.