Witching Hour. My Sadistic Obsession…!

Witching Hour, ahhh it’s a marvellous thing, and don’t think for one second it’s us wives/partners screaming around on broomsticks..

Witching hour is what Marty and I refer to as the optimum time to have your backside planted in a chair in clear view of the arrivals area and or campground, sometimes it’s as easy as happy hour out the front of your van (take snacks and a beverage).

Witching hour is when everyone starts to pull into the van parks or free camping areas – well actually free camping areas can be full by 11am so good luck there.


The sadistic part comes from my need to watch other couples reverse their rigs in and the ever so helpful advice that is mostly unsolicited and offered regardless.

And indeed looking at the rigs and tugs as they come in, I love looking both at and in vans and get really excited if a Kedron rolls in. We also love watching the camper trailers set up and may secretly time some of them (on both set up and pack down – remember we owned a couple)


We have our method worked out and can usually drop our van onto a site first go, sometimes if the turn is tight it can take two attempts. We don’t need help, and I actually find it more distracting than helpful (pretty sure I’m not alone with this). A hand held walkie talkie fixes most issues. He watches the car I watch the van, and there is a LOT of trust involved (It also means he HAS to listen to me bahahahahaha)

We have has some excellent witching hours, watch rigs crash over speed humps with completely caput suspension (we actually were rating them on the height they got on the bounce), seen an accident or three where the van has been reversed back into trees or rocks and the assistor is wildly waving their arms to no avail.


I reached the conclusion that we stop what we are doing around 2pm and wait for the rigs to roll in. Yes we have a life but we also like to gawk and also wave. We are nosey like that.

If you see us, feel free to do the same, we think it’s one of the best times of day and look forward to it immensely.

Safe Travels