Caravan Weight Checks Myth Well & Truly CONFIRMED

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Roadside vehicle weight checks are indeed being conducted in Victoria and here’s the proof.

IMG_4243This photo may as well be the UFO from Roswell or of a little green man on Mars. This was taken last weekend at Cann River in Victoria and it clearly shows Vic Roads and Vic Police conducting weight checks of a caravan using portable scales. It was part of a state wide operation targeting overweight vehicles of all types, not just caravans. The fact that caravans were included is somewhat unique and has largely been the subject of innuendo and unreliable third hand gossip.

From what I have learned talking to various sources, the authorities are aware of a problem we caravanners have known and talked about for years. That there are a lot of overweight rigs out there and there is some evidence to suggest (or at least the belief) that the number of road crashes involving these overweight rigs is on the increase.

We can expect to see more scenes like this on our major highways.

More photos can be seen here.  All photos have been supplied and used with permission.

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The underlying message here is be legal and stay safe.


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