Got a weight problem…?


No I’m not talking about putting on a few extra kilos over the Christmas break. I’m talking about having a problem with getting all your caravan and camping accessories as well as the necessities of life on the road and remaining within your rig’s weight limits. Caravanners in particular are very likely to have experienced this issue especially when the TARE or empty of most caravans is likely understated on their compliance plate.

I gave this issue some thought especially after reading about a few unfortunate experiences on the Caravanning and Camping Facebook group recently and thought about our own weight reducing experience. We were very close to our ATM on the old River caravan and decided to replace some items with lighter ones. When I looked at this in detail, I was surprised by just how much weight we were able to reclaim.

Looking at it a bit deeper, I figured out that we could, in theory, reduce up to 150kgs off our load just by making a few simple changes to what we carry.

So here’s the story of our weight loss program

Hopefully others out there grappling with the same issue can find something to help resolve it.

As always, safe travels everyone.

4 thoughts on “Got a weight problem…?

  1. I can’t believe you were able to reduce your load by 150 kgs. Our caravan is getting too weighed down and we need to figure out how to do it. We will check out your story hopefully there are some tips that apply to us!

    1. Hi Grace

      Its amazing just how much weight we add to our vans with unnecessary stuff that we will never use or is just not suited to being used in an RV. We’ve learnt to be ruthless with our gear and now only carry what we really need in order to be comfortable on the road. I reckon the chairs was the biggest surprise. We saved so much weight just by changing to ones that are much lighter but still very comfortable.

      Good luck with yours. We would love to hear back from you to see how you go.



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