Independent Caravan Weigh – In Day MtGambier 2017

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Organised by Everything Caravan and Camping and RVeeThereYet

Four months ago, Matt Sutton, owner of the Everything Caravan and Camping Facebook Group, came to me with an idea. He wanted to run independent caravan weigh-ins across the country, starting in his home town of Mt Gambier. I thought it would be a good idea, but I didn't think we would get too many takers in a small country town in SA. How wrong I was...!

Last weekend, we had the first of our weigh-ins and right from the start I knew we were in for a big day. When we arrived at the car-park where the event was run, there was already over 10 vans lined up waiting. By day's end we had weighed 48 rigs...!

Most of the rigs weighed were caravans, but we also had a few camper trailers and a couple of motorhomes thrown in for good measure.

The results...? Well we were quite surprised to find that most rigs were within 50kgs of their maximum weights. Given the margin for error in our scales, this is a very positive result. Most rigs were packed and ready for an extended trip with full water tanks and stocked fridges. There were around 10 vans that were well under their limits, which again is an excellent outcome. There were 4 vans that were well overweight, one being 400kgs over his ATM.

All up, it was an extremely successful day. We were fortunate to have great instructions of what to do provided by Graeme Shenton, the police officer who ran the recent operation in Newmerella, Victoria. We were also fortunate to have Matt's mate Kallen Westbrook, who worked tirelessly all day with me on the scales.

Special thanks go to Wendy and Steve McCallum and Rosie and Tony McKeough who bought us all coffees and snacks, and to Matt's wife, Paula, who who bought us lunch. Thank you for your support.

The next weigh in will be held in Melbourne at a location to be determined. Keep an eye out on the Everything Caravanning and Camping group and for details.

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2 thoughts on “Independent Caravan Weigh – In Day MtGambier 2017

  1. I weighed mine at Broadford after leaving the Spirit on Sunday morning (18th June 2017). 60kgs overweight with the fridge full and a full slab and full water tanks. I am happy with that and will make a slight adjustment. The Broadford site is very easy to use, 3 axle groups on 3 seperate weighbridges, large printout above you telling you axle group weights and total weight.

  2. Hi Chris. Totally agree the Broadford facility is terrific. I understand there are plans to install more like it in other locations around Victoria.

    Its a bit of an eye opener when you actually do weigh the rig when its fully loaded. We got a bit of a surprise as well and have made some adjustments with a few more on the way. It will be interesting to see the nett effect.

    Are you travelling around the mainland for a time?



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