Perfect Bacon and Eggs on the Webber Baby Q

How good does this look...? Perfect bacon and eggs with tomatoes.

I really love the Webber and I especially love the smokey flavour it adds to food cooked in it but I have always had trouble cooking basic things like bacon and eggs.  For a start the bacon tends to stick to the grill and the half hot plate isn't really big enough for cooking a meal for two. However, that's all changed since we bought the silicon bbq mats. These have transformed the Webber and made it far more versatile.  To demonstrate, here's my method for cooking perfect bacon and eggs.

First, make sure you cut the silicon mat to the right size.  I found that leaving a 1cm gap at the long edges allows fat to drain away as well as allowing sufficient hot air to circulate around the food.

Once you've done this, light and preheat the Webber for about 5 minutes.  I start with 3/4 heat setting for this as this seems to get the rind of the bacon to a nice crackling state.  Then add your bacon. I pre cut the bacon to lengths that fit top to bottom. Allow the bacon to cook for about 3 to 5 minutes on one side with the lid down. Turn over and cook for another 3 minutes again with the lid down.

As the bacon cooks, it will shrink allowing you to bunch it up and clear space for tomatoes or mushrooms, if desired.  I cut my tomatoes into quarters. Turn the heat down to half way.

When the bacon starts to approach the cooked state you like, place the it in the centre of the mat. Here it will keep hot without cooking to fast. This will also clear space for the eggs. Turn the pile of bacon regularity to avoid the bottom of the stack burning.

Image showing the way we cut the silicon sheet leaving a gap at the long edges.

To cook the eggs, we've been experimenting with silicon egg rings and these have worked really well.  Place the rings at one end of the mat and cook to your desired level. I cook the eggs for the first minute or so with the lid down. This helps to cook them evenly to the point you can remove the rings before turning them over.

If the bacon gets to the cooked state you want before the eggs are cooked, remove and store in a bowl covered with foil. Keep the shiny side down towards the bacon. This ensures the heat stays inside the bowl.

When the eggs are cooked, remove them and the tomatoes and serve.

Best breakie ever...! Enjoy.

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