The games we play – Things to do when there’s no TV reception


What games do you play when travelling (Obligatory eye spy doesn't count)

There are so many options on cheap forms of entertainment, some to be honest are crude (like fart soccer for example, it can while away hours in the car albeit somewhat pungently).

Marty introduced me to Lie Dice on our first trip away together; it has become a staple form of entertainment. The Dice have the faces of the top 6 cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten & Nine). One person rolls the dice and hides the results from the other, and then you call a 'hand' as in poker. You can be either truthful or tell a whopping lie. It is up to the other person to guess. Suffice to says hollers of LIAR can be heard from us quiet often (I wonder what the neighbours think).

On the trip we took with my parents through the Northern Territory and WA, they showed us 'Bugger'. This is a card game played with two decks of cards, jokers included (they are wild). You must have three of a kind to go down on the table and it starts with Twos. Object is to get rid of all your cards. Scoring is face value with pictures rating at 25 points each. Person left with the most points is the 'Bugger'.

Another game that we have both 'rediscovered' is the old favourite Yahtzee – if you remember this is a game of chance, based on the roll of the dice and subsequent selection made. Make it interesting and put a bet on, i.e. loser is on beverage duty all afternoon (we are both slightly competitive).

I take my iPad with me as ebooks are much lighter than their paper counterparts. And we have a setup that will allow me to charge this if we are out free camping – well played husband.

We do have a small blu ray player in the van and carry a selection of our favourites. This is in the event that it is pouring rain and sitting outside isn't an option in which case bring out the popcorn.

Yes getting away is about enjoying the great outdoors, but it is also a great time to reconnect with your partner, away from Social Media, TV and the other electronic annoyances that plague us nowadays. Play some silly games and laugh. No matter which way you do it, make sure you just get out there and do it.


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