My encounter with Brutus the Crocodile

If you have a spare moment, do a Google search for pictures of Brutus the Crocodile.  He's a 80 year old, 5.5 metre long one armed giant that lurks in the waters of the Adelaide river and stars in the Jumping Crocodile show, thrilling tourist with his amazing display.  He was recently seen (and reported in the local press) taking on a wild bull shark and winning...!  This is one bad arse crocodile.

Anyway, while on a recent trip to Darwin, we went of the Jumping Crocodile tour on the Adelaide river and its here that I had my close encounter with Brutus.

I was happily enjoying the tour and had my camera at the ready when Brutus appeared.  The tour 31b02364-1729-5e87guide made him jump a few times at the back of the boat which was fine.  Then he swung the bait towards the middle of the boat where I was sitting.  It was pretty close but I couldn't tell too much, looking through the camera lenses.  Then Brutus decided it was time to make a lunge for the bait.  As you can see from the picture I took, he got extremely close to me.

At the time I wasn't immediately aware how close he was but the commotion that ensued sure changed that.  Everyone on the boat went nuts.  There was screaming, Kylie was going absolutely off her head, the girl sitting behind me was catatonic.  It was incredible.  I had no idea what had just happened.  The guy sitting in front of me got the best view.  He said the Croc's chin was right against the bottom of the camera lens.  He missed my face by mere centimetres.

Anyway....all I know is I got a fantastic photo of the event and an awesome story to tell.

You can read the full trip report here.

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2 thoughts on “My encounter with Brutus the Crocodile

    1. Gday Chris

      Thanks for that. It was a pretty exciting moment. Kylie still gets angry at me when we talk about it.

      There is a ‘like’ button for facebook at the bottom of the article. Not sure what that actually does. I’m still figuring out what all that social media stuff does.



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