Sh!t my Wife Says…!

Never miss an opportunity for a road kill shot..!

Kylie now has her own area on the website.

For some time now, I’ve been asking Kylie to put some of her thoughts and ideas together for me to publish on the site.  Everyone who has met Kylie will know she has a very unique perspective on things but I have found that, quite often, what she says is generally what everyone is thinking anyway.

So to kick off, Kylie has put down some of her thoughts and ideas about our history with camper trailers and caravans and how we got to where we are today.  Its an interesting read and give you an insight into the thoughts we’ve had along the way and the insights we’ve gained.

I’m sure now that she has started it will be hard to keep her away from the keyboard so keep an eye out for more of her musings. In the mean time we hope you enjoy Sh!t My Wife Says…!


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