Sh!t my Wife Says…!

IMG_0547I first met my wife Kylie when we were commuting on the same train into work each day. We used to sit together with the same group every morning. I would often tell them about my weekends away 4wding and camping or of my extended trips into the Australian outback. Most of them thought I was mad, preferring to fly to their holiday destinations and staying in 5 star hotels. But Kylie was different. She shared my love of the outdoors and she wanted to see more of this amazing country. Having spent most of her teenage years in Rovers, Kylie already had a lot of camping and outdoor experience.  We were a match made in the red dust...!

Kylie is also a very unique individual. There is very little grey in her world and she has a very honest and upfront attitude to everything in life. She is extremely practical and takes a very no-nonsense approach to solving problems. If you want an honest opinion about something, and I mean HONEST, Kylie is your girl…! It’s this honesty that I love about her.

So, I thought it would be a bit of fun for Kylie to have her own section on the site and call it ‘Sh!t my wife says’. For the most part it will contain her musings about the caravanning and outdoor lifestyle but I’ll also throw in some snippets of wisdom I hear her tell me (and others) from time to time.

If you have any questions about the caravanning and outdoor lifestyle and you would like a woman's perspective, feel free to email Kylie at

Safe Travels...!

I like to Watch

I don’t like Canvas Anymore

I’ve done my time in Tents

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He’s still a growing boy.

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I do my bit…!

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Ahhh…those were the days