Surviving a rainy weekend

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Rain on the awning. Very pretty…!

We spent last weekend at a very special place, Yackandandah Victoria. It was my birthday weekend and I was keen to show Kylie this beautiful little town in Victoria’s north east. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good. An East Coast Low which brought horrible weather to NSW and Queensland had ensured a steady stream of rain fell on the little town. It didn’t let up all weekend.

In most other circumstances, this would have been a terrible weekend but for us it was perfectly fine. In fact, we really enjoyed it. Here’s why…

On any other weekend, this lush green grass would have been ideal. In the rain it got a bit muddy.

In our Resources Section is some advice on Essential Caravan Features and number one on that list is a make sure you get a comfortable interior. One that, it you do experience torrential rain for 2 or 3 days in a row, you won’t go stir crazy or feel claustrophobic being couped up inside your van or camper.

When we were looking around at caravans, we tried to imagine what it would be like to have to spend an extended amount of time inside the van.  Were the seats comfortable enough to sit in for an hour or more? Could the TV be seen from both the bed and the table at the same time? Was there sufficient windows to allow a good view outside and provide that all-important natural light? Was the bed spacious enough to accommodate both of us and the three dogs together? Could one of us still use the kitchen without getting in the way the other trying to watch TV? All the sort of things you would take for granted inside a house that, at first, don’t seem that important in a caravan or camper but become a real issue if you’re stuck inside for the duration.

The view from the lounge. The rain kept many visitors away.

Now while we were in Yackandandah, we weren’t completely restricted to caravan park. We did manage to get out a bit and explore the area, but we did have to spend extended periods in the van while it rained outside and I’m glad to say our confidence in the Roadstar’s interior lived up to our expectations.

We were comfortable at all times and even the girls didn’t seem to mind too much being locked up inside.

Savannah, Kassidy and Poppy are quite content to spend time on the bed and watch the rain come down.

I put this comfort down to 3 things in particular:

  • The café lounge with the extendable foot rests is quite large compared to many others and very well padded. It’s very easy to get into a comfortable position.
  • The offset layout of the kitchen in relation to the lounge means there is sufficient space to walk around each other without compromising on bench space.
  • The windows are quite large and, combined with the big skylight, allow plenty of natural light into the van.

So, just to reaffirm our advice to anyone looking for a new caravan, camper or motorhome. When you see one you like, take the time to sit in it and just imagine what it would be like to stay inside for a day or more. Try to do the sort of things you would normally do together in a house. You will soon get an appreciation for what it would be like and whether or not you could actually do it without going completely mad.

Safe travels

2 thoughts on “Surviving a rainy weekend

  1. A nice article. Good to reflect on what demands you may have on your caravan before you buy. We tend to think of the needs when everything is going well. As you point out, there will be times when the weather will restrict your activities – and the van needs to be able to cater to you. Heating/cooling is also important when conditions outside are not to your liking. The awning area can also be important to reduce “cabin fever”.

    1. too true Trevor. Actually you make a good point about the heating and cooling. We ran the airconditioner on reverse cycle and I was amazed how well it worked. We also have gas heating for when freecamping and a small electric space heater for really cold nights.

      We had our awning out but not the shade. It was just too wet and we were only there for a couple of nights so not really worth the effort. But if we were going to be there for a few days, I would have put it up. Certainly would have kept the wind away.

      We’re thinking about getting a full annex but so far we haven’t really needed it. When we get full time on the road, that may change things a bit.

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